Sports are now done on grass surfaces produced by Congrass.

The high-performance Congrass is a unique range of turf systems that offers the best playing properties in sports. Polyethylene yarns with improved quality are used in Congrass grass carpets, which are produced with advanced technology. The quality control of these products is carried out in detail in specially developed laboratory environments.

Our Products

Challenger Series

The Challenger series, which has superior ball handling, is produced with 12.000 dtex spine shape polyethylene yarn and offers a pleasant playground to the users with its rich color range. Congrass Challenger series, which demonstrates its durability against the negative effects of winter conditions and comfortable movement conditions along with cool and humid weather, with Oeko-Tex, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, makes its usage areas more prestigious.

Apollo Series

Congrass Apollo Series, which shapes the sports world, is among the first choices with its high level of comfort of use. Congrass Apollo Series, produced with 10.000 dtex spine shape polyethylene yarn and having Oeko-Tex, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, provides ease of use even in adverse weather conditions; It offers an economical and useful touch to sports fields.

Premier Series

Produced with 11.000 dtex fibril and polyethylene thread, the user-friendly Congrass Premier Series offer athletes a comfortable movement area even in harsh weather conditions. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified, Premier Series stand out with its durability.

Effective Series

The Effective Series, which adds comfort to every step and is produced with 5,000 dtex fibrillated polyethylene yarn, draws attention with the ease of use it brings to the sports world. Effective brings quality to sports with its Oeko-Tex, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, its grip even in adverse weather conditions, and its UV-resistant structure.

Faiway Series

The eco-friendly Congrass Fairway is very comfortable to use! ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified, Fairway Series offers safety and quality together. Offering UV-protection up to seven years, the series is the perfect choice for those who desire products with long-term use. It comes in one color and with 4.200 dtex.

Congrass Sentetik Çim Saha

Why Choose Congrass?

• Congrass football fields have safe and steady surfaces. They outperform even the best natural grass areas with their high and reliable performance.
• Congrass artificial grass helps with the ball control/makes it easier to control the ball. (?)
• It has a fiber base and a recycled rubber layer which absorbs impacts, controls the bounce of the ball and provides flexibility.
• Synthetic grass fields don’t have any of the disadvantages of the natural grass fields.
• Games won’t be canceled because of the puddles, which are caused by heavy rain.
• No heavy maintenance is needed for damaged surfaces.
• Daily maintenance is reduced to a minimum level.

Proper Application
Long-Term Use

No 4 stone chips are applied on top of the squeezed surface, as thick as 15 cm. Stone chip layer is topped with another 10 cm, No 1 stone chips. The area is squeezed one again, using straightedge. Then, the surface is covered with a synthetic mat. Artificial lawn is applied on top of the synthetic mat. The artificial lawn should be covered with SBR grains; the grains should be spread equally.

Sandblasting is a must for the area where the artificial lawn is applied. The sand should be sifted and purified from salts. Coarse sand creates a slippery surface which cause injuries.

Congrass synthetic turf provides high quality. It has a perforated base and drains water easily. It doesn’t stay damp. It creates a less slippery surface and prevents injuries.



Advantages of
Congrass Grass


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