Congrass Warranty and Terms of Use

MANUFACTURER: This warranty is valid for products within Table Appendix-1 manufactured by Confetti Halı San. A.Ş., located at İkitelli Organize
Sanayi Bölgesi Eski Turgut Özal Cad. No:34 İkitelli-İstanbul address, with the phone number 0212 549 20 12/pbx.

Warranty Coverage for Products

This warranty is limited to persons and institutions that directly buy their products from either Confetti Halı San. A.Ş. or an authorized dealer. It is valid for the period and conditions which are specified on the product certificate.

The time period given to the product by Confetti Halı San. A.Ş., covers the UV resistance and tension resistance within the period of regular conditions of use. If the tension resistance deficiency is under the %50, the product in question will be assumed to have provided the UV resistance and tension resistance.

Warranty periods may show differences according to the type of product applied, and geographical location, frequency of use, the foot traffic,
and the substructure of the area of application.

The starting day of the warranty is designated either as the day when the application is completed or the day Confetti makes out the invoice.

The is only valid when it is signed by both sides. Otherwise it will be considered as invalid.

This warranty is valid between Confetti Halı and persons and institutions that Confetti makes sales to. It is nonassignable under any circumstance and can’t be used by 3rd parties.

The Scope of Warranty

The warranty is based on the condition that the product in question should’ve been used according to the usage instructions to be considered
for a replacement.

A suitable product should be chosen for the area of application. Changes about the area of application after the products is purchased, poor
treatment of the product, application of the product by unauthorized people, or defects caused by erroneous repairs will make the product fall
outside the scope of warranty.

The scope of warranty;

1) The area of application is designed correctly, and the product hasn’t suffered from the problems caused by the substructure and the repairs
to mend these problems.

2) The product hasn’t experienced harm or wear and defects because of the areas of application without the necessary substructure quality,

3) The product hasn’t suffered from accidents, burns caused by inflammable materials, cuts, and poor treatment as well as defects caused
by neglect,

4) The product hasn’t suffered from uses that fall outside the regular conditions of use of the area of application or from any modifications of
the area,

5) The product hasn’t been defected by unsuitable accessories, equipment, or other items,

6) The product hasn’t suffered from chemical materials, pesticides, and cleaning products; or from wrong materials and machines used for

7) The product suffered from natural disasters, natural events, and other situations outside the control of Confetti Halı San. A.Ş.,

8) The maintenance/repairs of the product are done at the right time, (The maintenance is advised to be done at least once a year by a team
of experts authorized by Confetti.)


9) Confetti Halı A.Ş. is notified on time about the defects on the product,

10) The product and the fill material is applied and maintained by teams authorized by Confetti.

11) The time period of the warranty is directly related to the UV resistance. Product is manufactured; optimum pile lengths and pile frequency
are calculated according to the sunlight per square meter. Therefore wears or cuts caused by the frequency of use, or change of color caused
by the sunlight (unless they are manufacturing defects) are out of the scope of warranty.

12) Those who purchase Confetti products are advised to follow the usage instructions strictly, prepared by Confetti Halı A.Ş. Each product is
unique and have different necessary information and details. Purchasers are advised to learn about the products, and read the conditions
of warranty before signing it. The warranty document should be signed after the purchase. Requesting signature long after the purchase will
make the warranty invalid.

Warranty Process

If the product doesn’t fulfill the promises of the warranty within the given period of time, Confetti Halı San. A.Ş. is responsible to replace the
erroneous part of the product with a new one.

Stages of the warranty inquiries are listed below.

1) Customer should send a sample of the erroneous product along with a petition to Confetti Halı San. A.Ş. or the authorized dealer.

2) Erroneous product should be viewed by Confetti Quality Department to decide whether the product was used suitably or unsuitably to the given instructions.

3) A report by Confetti Quality Department should be send to the authorized Confetti Halı San. A.Ş. units and to the customer.

4) If the reports states that the product didn’t comply with the warranty promises, the erroneous product will be replaced by Confetti Halı San. A.Ş. with a new one of the same product or with an equivalent one.

5) Inquiries from customers who didn’t follow the instructions of use won’t be given notice by Confetti Halı San. A.Ş.

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