About Us


As Confetti, we are proud to be a well-established company with 28 years of experience. We developed products ranging from mosque carpets to artificial grass, decorative carpets to project carpets. We offer our services through five different brands within the Confetti scope.n artificial grass, our aim is to make a difference through our brand Congrass.

Natural grass is hard to maintain. Because of watering expenses, mowing processes and time loss, artificial-synthetic grass out

We started our business in 1994 in İkitelli, İstanbul by manufacturing acrylic bathroom mat. Confetti brought a fresh breath of air in the industry by mixing quality and design. We reached a wide scope within the business with a vast variety of carpets. With a special focus operforms natural grass. Our grass products are developed as alternatives to natural grass. They are preferred for their affordable prices and easy maintenance. We step in as Congrass and offer you easy-to-use products.

We started manufacturing artificial grass for people who are in search for innovative decoration practices. Our firm is continuously developing and never stopping to improve product range and technology. With Congrass, we offer our services to people who wants to try out different solutions for decorative surface coating. We export our products to more than 40 countries including United Arab Emirates, Russia, England, the USA, and Germany.

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