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Congrass artificial grass have a wide range of application areas from gardening to indoor decorations. Congrass artificial grass systems are used in shopping malls, airports, hotels, golf courses, parks, resting areas, streets and squares, schools and swimming pools.

For wide area outdoor applications, products which are resistant to seasonal weather conditions, doesn’t hold water, and have less slippery quality are preferred. For indoor applications regarding decoration purposes and landscaping, products with an aesthetically appearance and vivid colors are chosen. Congrass artificial grass is suitable for roofing and garden arrangements. Congrass artificial grass is also high on demand because of it is safe to use in sports fields. Overall, Congrass artificial grass products have a wide range of application areas.

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Discover the secrets of wild forests with Amazon artificial grass.

Inspired by the irresistible beauty of the wild nature, Congrass Amazon stands out with it’s resistance never-ending rains, chilly and moist air, and the harsh weather conditions in winter.

Product Details
Product Details


Congrass Natura is the perfect match for the never-ending energy that comes along with summer.

Congrass Natura brings vitality and glow of nature as well as the colourfulness of summer into your living spaces.

Product Details
Product Details


Congrass Tropicana artificial grass system offers you the fresh and natural feel of spring and summer.

Congrass Tropicana is the perfect mix of naturalness and comfort, and ready to stay with you for many years to come.

Product Details
Product Details

First, a base mat is laid on the field surface. Then, the Congress strips, which are specially prepared according to the field sizes, are rolled out to cover the base mat. The sides are cut for a clean look. The strips are carefully lined up close together and carefully attached to each other with an adhesive product. Remaining empty areas are filled with extra grass. Sand fill and SBR fill are completed. When applied on smooth surfaces with a strong base, artificial grass lawns are suitable for long-term use.

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