Congrass Synthetic Grass Systems for your indoor and outdoor landscaping projects

Congrass Tropicana artificial grass system offers you the fresh and natural feel of spring and summer.



Congrass Tropicana is the perfect mix of naturalness and comfort, and ready to stay with you for many years to come.

Technical Specifications

Tropicana 10 Tropicana 15 Tropicana 20 Tropicana 25 Tropicana 30
Pile Height (mm) 12 15 24 30 34
Pile Weight (gr/m2) 500 600 750 940 1140
Total Weight (gr/m2) ± 8 1200 1300 1630 1820 2020
Primary Backing Type PP Black PP Black Primary backing with fleece Primary backing with fleece Primary backing with fleece
Secondary Backing Type (gr/m2) 100 100 180 180 180
Twice Foam Back Type SBR
Yarn Type PE 5200 dtex / 4F+4F C Shape – PP 3200 dtex / 8 Green
Application Areas Indoor and outdoor areas. playgrounds, winter gardens, hotels, restaurants, business centers, resting areas, offices, areas used for landscaping and decoration purposes.
General Specifications Washable
Perforated base ensures water drain.

Product Use and Tips for Maintenance

The surface should be prepared for the Congrass artifcial grass application. The area should be checked out for suitableness by Confetti Halı Inc. and a statement of approval should be issued

Products which are used outdoors are very suitable for dirt and rubbish to build up on. Depending on how often the area is used, the surface should be either cleaned out manually by using a brush or a suitable vacuum cleaner.

During hot weathers, the application area should be watered four times a week.

Animals should be kept out from the area of application.

The area should be kept clear of construction,as well as maintenance vehicles which exceed the weight limits.

Shoes with spikes and high-heels should be avoided.

If there are exposed areas after the application is complete or the glue wasn’t enough, the product should be applied to the surface by using a metal profile.

The product is made from petroleum and therefore should be kept away from caustic and inflammable materials.

Congrass synthetic grass felds won’t be damaged by harsh weather conditions if the area is maintained periodically. However, some grass piles can show signs of freezing due to cold weather. The ice and snow shouldn’t be removed from the area for it may cause damage to the product. We strongly advise you to contact the authorized units to remove ice and snow on the area before the football games. Before salting processes, using snowplow machines or chemical products on your feld, you are strongly advised to contact Confetti Halı San. A.Ş.

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