Popular Sport of Recent Times: Padel

Tennis is at the top of the list when talking about racket sports. Table tennis and badminton do follow tennis in this context. We can add padel tennis to this list because of its recently increasing popularity. In this article, we present the information that we gathered about padel tennis.

What is Padel Tennis?

Padel can easily be confused with tennis; however, some characteristics and rules distinguish Padel from tennis. Like tennis, Padel is also played on artificial turf and has its unique padel rackets. Padel courts are smaller in dimension compared to tennis courts. The standard sizes of a padel court are 20 meters in length and 10 meters in width. One of the most significant advantages of padel tennis is its easy-to-learn rules. Therefore, padel tennis is a fun sports branch that appeals to people of all ages.

Having similar rules as tennis, Padel is played over three sets. Unlike tennis, players can hit the ball into the surrounding rebound walls. Usually played in teams of two, padel courts have two open doors on each side. The players can walk out the door and continue the game when necessary, adding dynamism and excitement to the game. The paddle players can walk out these doors and continue the game when necessary. And this rule adds extreme dynamism and excitement to the game.

What are the standards of a padel tennis court?

The padel court’s standard indoor and outdoor spaces dimensions are 20 × 10 meters. Padel courts are three times smaller than tennis courts with standard dimensions. Artificial turf specially produced for padel tennis is used on the floor coverings of padel courts. The artificial turf of Paddle quality offers high flexibility against the risk of slipping players -and, thanks to its structure- prevents possible injuries. As Congrass, we produce The Paddle Series with high-quality monofilament yarn. The Series helps sports lovers to improve their mobility positively. With the quality of the Congrass, you can experience the pleasure of sports at the highest and reduce the risks of injury to a minimum level.

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