The Comfort of Using Synthetic Turf for Sports Flooring

Did you know about the importance of sports arena flooring for football – one of the leading ones regarding the number of its supporters – and other sports branches? In this review, we will discuss the comfort of using synthetic turfs used in sports arena flooring.

Mowing and watering are extremely time-consuming processes that lead to loss of time and high costs. As an inevitable result, natural turfs give way to synthetic turfs and provide us the ease of use. With its high quality, Congrass artificial and synthetic turf offers us numerous opportunities. 

The quality of sports arena flooring is vitally important. Congrass, develops the required quality for each sports branch separately and provides synthetic turf production solutions in line with the requirements of each sport. With its custom-designed turf -produced differently for sports like football, golf, rugby, hockey, tennis, and many others -Congrass offers synthetic turf options that suit each sports branch’s playing style. The users’ capability to analyze the game style properly and to know which qualities to expect from the turf is a factor affecting the course of the game. Throughout your selection process, Congrass synthetic turf will help you to find all the qualities you are looking for in one product. 

With its numerous advantages, natural look, and vast area of usage, Congrass artificial turf offers a long-lasting usage opportunity. 

Thanks to the developing technologies, Pathfinder quality – gave a new impulse to the turf’s quality in terms of the field’s capability of holding the ball – offers a comfortable playing field even in unfavorable weather conditions. The Pathfinder series stands out with its durability and aims to become the durable flooring for sports with high rhythm. 


Qualities of Artificial-Synthetic Turf

  • Congrass synthetic turf systems help the ball control, thanks to turf’s capability of holding the ball. 
  • Besides its fiber base, its recycled rubber layer controls the ball bounce by absorbing the impact. 
  • There is no need for burdensome maintenance to repair surface abrasion. 
  • It minimizes the daily maintenance routine and offers an easy-use opportunity.   
  • By enabling drainage, it doesn’t hold moister. 
  • It helps to reduce floor slipperiness and thus prevents potential accidents. 


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