What Are The Advantages Of Using Synthetic Grass Carpet?

Artificial grass, also known as artificial turf, looks just like natural turf. In addition to its natural appearance, its longevity and easy maintenance are some of its biggest advantages. It’s a type of floor covering that’s been around for a long time and may be utilized for a variety of purposes. It is frequently used because there is little difference in the appearance of artificial grass and a natural lawn. Artificial turf is very simple to maintain. Artificial grass is manufactured of long-lasting materials that are safe for human health. It will be used for many years and does not cause any problem if it is installed properly. Artificial turf has made its way from carpet fields to our houses, and is now appropriate for use even on balconies. However, the most used places today are carpet pitches, sports fields, and open areas. Although artificial grass is generally used as a floor covering, it can also be used for garden fence and wall covering. We are increasingly coming across such structures covered with artificial turf on the streets we walk. The cost of artificial grass is calculated on a square meter basis.

Artificial Grass Usage Areas

Artificial grass is most commonly used in football or sports grounds, thanks to the polymer and fibers in its structure. Apart from football fields and sports grounds, it is also used quite frequently in gardens for decoration purposes, outside buildings, and as fencing. The use of artificial turf carpets is generally divided into two: decorative garden, wall, roof, indoor, fence, hotel, and restaurant decorations; and indoor and outdoor astroturf pitches for sports purposes, tennis courts, golf courses, multi-purpose sports fields, baseball, and rugby fields.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Carpet;

1- It performs better than natural grass in all weather conditions.
2- Its cost is lower than natural grass.
3- Its service life is longer than natural grass.
4- It does not require the use of pecticides.
5- It does not require the use of fertilizers.
6- It saves water.
7- It requires less maintenance than natural grass.

Why Choose Confetti Artificial Grass?

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